country-Homestead-2 This is a great place to stay to experience the country-side house stay where we can feel the country cool & the greenery. The hosts are very warm & feel very close to us. We enjoy a fantastic stay here where we also enjoy the visits with the hosts guiding us, patiently explaining the various activities of the farm & the details of even explaining what is needed to feed the cows & horses. It has very clean & neat rooms, washroom & kitchen. It is a “Must Visit” stay if anyone wishes for a recommendation from us. Mike & Lorraine keep up the hard work & the Range is really big & awesome.

Country-Cottage1 Hi Mike, Lorraine and Alex, Just wanted to thank you for a fantastic time on the weekend. We all had such a great time and will be looking forward to the next time we visit.Courtney had put up a video on youtube if you wanted to see her summary of the holiday. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyQ-UWtldZ8 Cheers for now.